New XAMPP for Windows, Linux, and Solaris with Apache 2.2

This time, it really took us ages to get our newest XAMPP version out. Although we started up with BETA testing in November, new releases of MySQL, PHP, Apache, and phpMyAdmin kept drawing the phase out. But we did it and can now present you with a brand new XAMPP release.

New in this version of XAMPP: Apache (2.2.0), MySQL (5.0.18), PHP (5.1.1) and phpMyAdmin (2.7.0-pl1).

Last time, we didn't offer an update package, and there won't be any this time, either. It isn't really possible to automate an upgrade from Apache 2.0 to Apache 2.2, and we'd like to avoid anyone messing up their server. So if you'd like to update to the new Apache version, you'll need to install a new version of XAMPP and migrate your data manually.

Download XAMPP for Windows Download XAMPP for Linux Download XAMPP for Solaris