Developing a PHP application on XAMPP-VM for OS X

XAMPP-VM for OS X is a XAMPP application that lets you run XAMPP for Linux on your Mac using an OS X hypervisor based on hyperkit. As a result, you have a dev environment that's much closer to what you'll usually see in production. Plus, it's very lightweight, as it doesn't require other preinstalled software like VirtualBox or VMware.

Putting together a database-backed CakePHP application on XAMPP...

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XAMPP-VM for Mac - tell us what you think

Hi Apache Friends!

We are excited to announce a new project we've been working on: XAMPP-VM for Mac. This new app makes it really easy to run XAMPP for Linux on your Mac with just a few clicks. No VirtualBox needed!

For the first version, we've focused on making it really easy to:

  • Access and edit files by mounting them on the Mac desktop
  • Access phpMyAdmin and other applications over a secure...

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