New beta version of XAMPP for Linux

Besides a chinese translation of the demo pages this version of XAMPP for Linux contains new and up-to-date versions of: Perl (5.8.6), mod_perl (2.0.0-RC2-XMas), MySQL (4.1.9), eAccelerator (0.9.2a) which removes Turck MMCache and phpMyAdmin (2.6.1).

You can download the beta version at our special download area XAMPP BETA.

XAMPP BETA versions are always for testing purposes only. There will be no upgrade packages from and to beta versions. To all testers: Many thanks in advance!!

[b:370g27cy]Update, February 8th and 15th 2005:[/b:370g27cy] The beta now also contains the new version of Apache 2.0.53 and MySQL 4.1.10. The final version of XAMPP for Linux will be ready around next Sunday.