Re-design the Apache Friends / XAMPP Website

Hi everyone,

As you may remember, earlier in the year Bitnami started maintaining the XAMPP project. We have many ideas for improvement. We started with the software itself, expanding support for newer versions of PHP, more frequent releases and bringing up to date the Linux and OS X ports. We want now to improve the website, which has basically not changed since 2002! Our goal is to make the website design cleaner and easier to navigate, with responsive design to make it display correctly in different devices and browsers. Rather than come up with our own design, and given that our community is mainly web designers and developers, we thought that we should invite XAMPP users to propose their own designs :) We setup a 99designs contest online:

If you are a XAMPP user, please make sure to mention so when including your entry (i.e. you can include your forum username) so we will take those in special consideration. The contest is for two pages on the site, in order to find out a winning design. After that, we will contact the winner to talk about redesigning the whole site.

Other things that we want to continue to improve in the future are a bigger server, documentation, forum support and additional "getting started resources". We will get to them as time permits. If you have suggestions on things that you would like improved, feel free to contact me directly at beltran (at) apachefriends (dot) org

Best regards,