The new XAMPP 1.7.7 for Windows, Linux, and Solaris is out!

It took nearly eight months to get this new version of XAMPP released. A long time, but somehow this year it was harder than usual. Alone in the last four weeks, there were two new versions of Apache, two new versions of PHP and even two new versions of MySQL.

But let's get to the point: What's new in this version?

This time we updated Apache to 2.2.21, MySQL to 5.5.16, PHP to 5.3.8, and phpMyAdmin to 3.4.5, as well as the usual minor updates of libraries or system-specific components.

Also new: There's now a Solaris version for x86 processors and both Solaris versions now support the PHP Oracle extension out-of-the-box, i.e. there is no installation of additional libraries needed to access an Oracle database.

All downloads and further details about the new versions are available at the respective XAMPP project page.

PS: Congratulations to the Berlin Pirates! ;)