New XAMPP version with fixes for MariaDB and phpMyAdmin

Hi Apache Friends!

We just released new versions of XAMPP for Windows, OS X and Linux. In this release we have been focused on fixing issues that XAMPP users reported in our forum with the latest version of MariaDB and phpMyAdmin. Thanks a lot to all users have been contributing to fix these issues and improve XAMPP: Linuxs, Coder1, Nobbie, Dfish17 and ApacheFriends forum administrator Altrea.

You can download new versions at

v5.5.30-3 / v5.6.14-3

  • Updated MariaDB to 10.1.8
  • Updated phpMyAdmin to 4.5.1 & fixes for MariaDB integration in Windows
  • Updated XAMPP Control Panel for fixing MariaDB start/stop issues
  • Added new How-to sections based on most popular posts in the forum:
    • Change the databse Temporary Files Directory
    • Increase the PHP File Upload Limit
    • Set permissions of htdocs folder

We need your help to continue improving our new Dashboard! Please post any suggestions in our forum thread.