New XAMPP 1.8.2-4 and 1.8.3-3 versions

Hi Apache Friends!

We are happy to announce a new release of XAMPP for all platforms. This is a minor release that fixes the following issues in both XAMPP versions. You can download new versions at


  • Updated PHP to 5.5.9
  • Updated MySQL to 5.6.16
  • Updated phpMyAdmin to 4.1.6
  • Updated Apache to 2.4.7
  • Fixed Mercury issue with queue folder
  • Fixed issue with intl on Windows
  • Fixed InnoDB issue with hard drives greater than 2TB
  • Fixed XAMPP new security concept rules
  • Fixed XSS issues in XAMPP web application


  • In addition to the previous fixes, PHP is updated to 5.4.25 and MySQL to 5.5.36.

After more than 12 years, we've launched a new XAMPP website and need everyone's help to translating it. We've set up a translations project page at We would like to thank some XAMPP users that already contributed the following translations:

  • Úr Balázs: Hungarian
  • Cristian Militaru: Romanian
  • Jarosław Maciejewski: Polish
  • Atalay Şahin: Turkish
  • Пикалов Виталий: Russian
  • Muhammad Adeel: Urdu

Do you want to help get XAMPP translated to your language? Email us at hello (at) apachefriends (dot) org and let us know which language you want to contribute a translation for. You can contribute to the Apache Friends project submitting your suggestions at